Submission of samples to DTU Vet from EU countries and countries outside the EU

We proudly offer a variety of diagnostic analyses to veterinarians both Danish and foreign. Based on our experience the best results from our services will come in corporation with a Danish veterinarian who will be in charge of the communication between you and the lab.
DTU Vet has developed a number of different analyses that have been validated and approved for surveillance in the Danish SPF-system. This implies excellent sensitivity and specificity of serological analyses for antibodies against e.g. Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, PRRS and Salmonella enterica. Recently, DTU Vet has developed and implemented a serological multiplex analysis that detects and distinguishes between A. pleuropneumoniae serotype 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12. This will entail a price reduction for the customers of up to 30-50% in comparison to the old tests. During the Spring 2018 we will even introduce a multiplex serology analysis for Salmonella diagnotics. Please contact the lab for further information. 

Beforehand you send samples to DTU Vet we always recommend that you contact the laboratory to clear out any misunderstandings or practicalities. You are welcome to contact the specific advisor for the disease or contact the front office of the lab, +45 3588 6050.

In this regard please be aware of restriction of introducing samples to Denmark from countries with FMD, CSF and/or ASF. Samples from these countries are obligatory to be tested for the mentioned diseases in our lab before the requested analysis and you will be charged accordingly for the extra analysis. Presently (January 2018) the price is 385,- DKK (aproxx. 51,- Euro) per sample per analysis. Be aware that your samples might have to be tested for all three diseases. If in doubt, please contact the lab.

We have translated the submission forms into English for easier access to the laboratory’s services. Please fill out the appropriate form online and print it to be sent together with the samples.
Find the English version of submission forms here.

An import permit must be sent together with the samples for custom purposes. We recommend that you obtain a personal import permit from the veterinarian authority. Under certain conditions you can use our University permit. Please contact the Laboratory if this applies.

Our price list is supplied with a list of relevant analyses for pigs for samples from abroad. 
Find the English version of price list here (Pigs English version)

In order for us to process your samples it is paramount that we have your VAT no. and a specific e-mail address to which we can deliver the results. We will not be able to provide the results in any other way than by e-mail.

We turn your attention to our effort to provide you with your results as soon as possible as part of our quality services. Your use of a renowned courier, correct permits and admission forms together with a swift procedure through our quarantine lab and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities will ensure you reliable quality proven results to guide you in your veterinary business.

We are looking forward to service you.
21 AUGUST 2019