Ossabaw Miniature Swine Symposium

tirsdag 14 aug 18


You are invited to the inauguration symposium

taking place 27th of August  at DTU, Lyngby Campus, meeting room 1, building 101A, starting at 9.00 am


Ten pigs representing a feral breed from Ossabaw Island have travelled to DTU Risø, Denmark, and now form the first breeding colony of Ossabaw pigs outside the US. When fed a high calorie diet Ossabaw pigs will develop severe obesity accompanied by ’life style diseases’. This make them ideal animal models for human ‘life style’ diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. DTU will breed and manage the production  of such obese Ossabaw pigs, and make them available for academic and commercial research.


Participation is free but please let us know if you want to participate in regard to lunch and transport. :)

Link: https://diagnosticsdtu.easysignup.com/2/


25 APRIL 2019