Scientific Advice

Scientific advice, surveillance and contingency plan

The National Veterinary Institute provides consultancy about animal diseases to public sectors, industry and interest organisations nationally and internationally. We provide consultancy about infectious diseases in livestock. 

Also, the institute is responsible for the laboratory component of the veterinary contingency plan in Denmark, and we are the national reference laboratory for a number of infectious diseases in livestock. We are also the European reference laboratory for fish diseases in the EU, and the international reference laboratory for the OIE for the fish disease VHS and for epidemiology.

The institute conducts research to achieve knowledge about the nature of diseases, to be able to give research-based advice and to be at the forefront of updated and effective analysis methods. 

Furthermore, we contribute with data for national surveillance programmes for infectious diseases in livestock and zoonoses in Denmark. We coordinate the national monitoring of the use of medicine for animals, carry out risk assessments.

Head of Section

Kristian Møller
Head of Department
+45 35 88 61 89