Collaborative research and innovation

The National Veterinary Institute is always interested in engaging with relevant companies. We see innovation as an interaction and a team play. Please contact us for more details about the possibilities of collaboration and innovation.

The research at the National Veterinary Institute is at the highest international level, and we participate in a number of collaborations nationally and internationally with universities, research institutions, organizations and companies. Some of the work is done through national and international research programs and projects.

We are always interested in more collaborative work with businesses, because we believe that more competences working together give a higher level of innovation and creativity.

The National Veterinary Institute also has research facilities that can be used by collaborators and customers. Read more about the hybridoma laboratory and cell culture laboratory.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact Research Coordinator Michael Andersson.

You can find guidelines about research collaboration with DTU in general including information about patenting at DTU’s central sites. DTU also has access to specialized research facilities and equipment which are available for businesses to use.

Study Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering at National Veterinary DTU

Would you like to have a master student doing research in your company?

Our Master’s degree programme Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering is designed to make cooperation between students and the biotech and pharmaceutical industry easy. So if your company is on the outlook for talented Master’s students, please contact head of studies Peter M. H. Heegaard - maybe they can write their Master's thesis at your company!

Research Coordinator

Collaboration with National Veterinary DTU pays off

A report from the analysis company DAMVAD, analyses the effects on private companies’ productivity of engaging in collaboration on research, development and innovation with DTU.

R&D collaborations with DTU create a statistically significant positive increase in productivity for private companies on an average 10 percent per year over a 6-year period. Read more about the survey here
(please go to the the Executive Summary at page 9 for English).
18 OCTOBER 2018