10 NOV

Nile fever mosquito found in Denmark

The mosquito Culex modestus, which is capable of spreading the West Nile virus from birds to people has been identified in Denmark for the first time. 

Viruses Food safety
10 JUL

Pigs, killer cells and tissue type molecules will lead to effective cancer vaccines

The Danish Council for Independent Research, Technology and Production has granted DKK 5.7 million to a new project headed up by DTU Vet. The aim is to use pigs for developing...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food safety
24 APR

Sign up for EPIZONE's Annual Meeting in Copenhagen

The registration and submission of abstracts are now open for the 8th Annual Meeting of EPIZONE. The meeting on epizootic animal diseases is organized by DTU Vet and will...

10 APR

DTU Vet Annual Report 2013

The DTU Vet Annual Report 2013 is rich in stories about our work with research, public service and education. You will also find many examples of our national and international...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Viruses Bacteria and microorganisms
10 MAR

One Health Summer University

80 students can join the One Health Summer University focusing on Food Safety and Zoonoses.

Food safety Viruses
17 JAN

Exhibition of the new Life Science & Bioengineering complex

Now you can visit a display of the new Life Science & Bioengineering building, which is going to be constructed at DTU Campus in Lyngby. Furthermore, you can view a video...

10 JAN

DTU Vet organizes the 8th Annual Meeting of EPIZONE

The 8th Annual Meeting of EPIZONE - The European Research Group for Epizootic Disease Diagnosis – will be organized by DTU Vet and take place in Copenhagen during September...

04 SEP

Dead animals tell their own story

The DTU newspaper has visited the National Veterinary Institute and experienced how wildlife are autopsied and examined as part of the monitoring of health and disease...

Livestock diseases Health and diseases
01 AUG

The examiner and supervisor of fish laboratories

The National Veterinary Institute ensures the quality of the diagnosis and surveillance of serious infectious fish diseases in Europe both through counselling and control...

09 APR

Clones not all that identical

Research from the National Veterinary Institute reveals that cloned pigs are often just as different as naturally cultivated pigs. This means that researchers must take...
21 MARCH 2018