24 experts in fish diseases from 20 countries attended the training courses at the National Veterinary Institute

Friday 06 Nov 15
by Anette-Bill-Jessen


Niels Jørgen Olesen
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Niccolò Vendramin
Coordinator of the EURL for fish diseases
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EU Reference Laboratory

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The National Veterinary Institute in Denmark (DTU Vet) is head of The European Union Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases (EURL-Fish). In October we held the yearly training courses for the National Reference Laboratories.

Training in techniques relevant when working with fish diseases

"It is an excellent idea to start from the basic. The teachers were very open and prepared excellent presentation. What I liked especially was that we were able to work practically on the field and in the lab"
participant at the course

The courses provide a good opportunity for training in techniques relevant when working with fish diseases.The topics of the course relate to diagnostic techniques and surveillance for identification of listed fish diseases. Knowledge-sharing and discussions between participants and teachers were also important parts of the courses.

It’s the 5th time the courses are being held and experts from 20 countries participated in the week long courses.

DTU Vet hosts The European Union Reference Laboratory

Infectious diseases of fish do not respect national boundaries and may have detrimental effects on production and on export possibilities. Therefor The European Union Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases (EURL-Fish) was funded in 1995 by the European Commission and situated at DTU Vet in Denmark.

Professor Niels Jørgen Olesen is head of EURL-Fish which main purpose is to ensure the quality of diagnostics of fish diseases in Member States and to harmonise the procedures and methodologies applied. The office in Denmark co-ordinates activities of the National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) for Fish Diseases in EU and aim to harmonise diagnostic techniques and disseminate information of mutual interest.

Every year the EURL-Fish is involved in different activities such as Annual Meetings and Training courses to harmonize and coordinate the diagnostic activities for fish diseases and to strengthen and boost capacities of the National Reference Laboratory network in the EU.

Participants at the training course

National Reference Laboratory

National Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases is appointed in each Member State, and in most neighbouring countries to the European Union. The National Reference Laboratories coordinate the national surveillance for notifiable diseases, including quality assurance of reference reagents and maintaining a library of previous disease cases in that country.
As National and EU Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases and OIE Reference Laboratory for viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS), DTU Vet has a special obligation to contribute to research and development at a high level within the field of fish diseases.

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