Courses and education

Courses and education

The scientists at the National Veterinary Institute teach at a number of courses at DTU and University of Copenhagen.

The National Veterinary Institute's scientists teach at the MSc in parasitology at the University of Copenhagen. Furthermore, the National Veterinary Institute is also responsible for several courses, including Assay Technology as well as Development and Production of Vaccines, which is part of the MSc Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering programme. Read more about Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering here.

Registration for DTU courses must be done via Campusnet. In the table below you can see what DTU courses that have participation from the National Veterinary Institute.


Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
23281 Preclinical drug development 5 E, E5A
24001 Human Physiology 5 E2B
24002 Introduction to Quantitative Biology 10 E5
24003 Basic virology 7.5
24004 Dynamic Biological Models 5 F5B
24005 Introduction to molecular diagnostics 5 June
24006 Dynamic Biological Modelling 5 F2A
24023 Quantitative biochemical analysis 5 E2A, E3A
24101 Assay Technology 5 January, June
24102 Development and production of vaccines 5 F4A
24103 Mucosal Immunology 10 E3A, E2B
24104 Immune System Anatomy & Development 5 F4B
24201 Diseases and veterinary aspects related to Aquaculture 5 E2A
24690 Module 1: From idea to project plan in biotech and pharmaceutical research 5 E4B, E3B
24691 Module 2: Pilot project in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering 5 E4B, E3B, F4B, F3B
24802 Practical introduction to basic research in immunology 5 January
24903 Immunology Journal Club 2.5 E, E
24904 Introduction to your PhD study 2.5 OutsideSchedule
24999 Modelling of disease spread 5 June
26436 Pharmaceutical Drug Development 10 E1
27015 Introductory Project in Biotechology / Human Life Science Engineering 10 E5A, January
27250 Molecular Medical Microbiology 5 E4A
27322 Immunology 10 F3A
36004 Health, Diseases and Technology 10 E4B, January
KU015 Fundamental Pharmacology and Bioavailability of Drugs 7.5 F3A, F2B, F1B
24 MAY 2018