Quality policy statement

It is the policy of DTU National Veterinary Institute to achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality in all aspects of its work as national reference laboratory (NRL), OIE reference laboratory and as EU reference laboratory.

The purpose of this quality assurance system is to ensure and document the quality of the analyses and examinations performed, and the institute’s function as a reference laboratory. The quality system also ensures that customers’ and public authorities’ need for relevant and correct examinations and advisory service is satisfied.

Accreditation and list of methods

The National Veterinary Institute DTU is situated in two locations. The accreditation is according to the DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard (testing/performance of analyses)

Find the list of methods Accreditation to testing no. 536

The Certificate for Accreditation to testing no. 536

The National Veterinary Institute DTU is accredited, according to the DS/EN ISO/IEC 17043, to provision of proficiency test in Europe as European Union Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases

The Certificate of accreditation 515 Provider of proficiency testing regarding virus in fish


DANAK is the national accreditation body in Denmark appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority, under the Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark. As the national accreditation body DANAK is responsible for accreditation of laboratories and companies.

DANAK, an abbreviation of the Danish Accreditation Fund, is established as an independent non-profit business fund.

ILAC’s homepage
Sister organization of DANAK

Reference laboratory

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration decide of which animal diseases the National Veterinary Laboratory must be National reference laboratory.
The EU decide of which animal diseases the national Veterinary Laboratory must be EU reference laboratory.


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Quality manager
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Qualified Person
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