Immunology and Vaccinology

The Section for Immunology and Vaccinology is working to clarify, how the immune system responds to infection and inflammation caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and diseases. This knowledge is used to develop vaccines and vaccinteknologies primarily to veterinary use  in animal species that are of great interest seen from a veterinary and socio-economic point of view, for example pigs and cattle.

Protecting vaccines

The basic research is the foundation of our focused work on developing new and effective vaccines against animal diseases. Vaccines prevent disease outbreaks, increase animal welfare, reduce the use of antibiotics, and thus reduce the development of multi-resistant bacteria as well as increase the efficiency in agriculture.

Through innovative research and development, our objective is to produce vaccines that can prevent outbreaks of known and new emerging viruses and bacteria. This is done partly to secure food resources by maintaining a healthy and sustainable production of animals for human consumption, partly to minimize or eliminate the risk of spread of infectious diseases to humans (zoonotic infection).

The pig as an animal model

Another important objective is to use the pig as a large animal model in biomedical research to acquire new knowledge that can be used in the development of drugs and treatment methods for both humans and animals.

Rodent models
To investigate the involvement of the immunsystem in fighting or causing human diseases we are making use of rodent models for human diseases such as autoimmune intestinal diseases, skin- and lung- inflammation and allergy.

DTU Vet - National Veterinary Institute

DTU builds the new Life Science & Bioengineering complex buildings 201-205 on DTU Lyngby Campus. The new complex will be the workplace for around 800 employees from DTU Aqua -- National Institute of Aqatic Resources, DTU Food -- National Food Institute and DTU Vet -- National Veterinary Institute. DTU Vet works with diseases affecting farm animals and conducts research e.g. developing vaccines against these diseases.

PhD, Lasse Eggers Pedersen, DTU Vet

PhD, Lasse Eggers Pedersen, DTU Vet: "Identification of peptides from foot-and-mounth disease virus structural proteins bound by class I swine leukocyte antigen"
18 OCTOBER 2018